Counsellors Network

"International education counselling" companies in Turkey as well as in other countries guide students for countries where they want to go and offer students options available in different countries and universities. Research shows that international students in a ratio of between 40 to 50 percent plan their education abroad by the help of these agencies. There are five thousand international education consulting agencies worldwide. By establishing relationships with these agencies, TUPA will ensure the involvement of Turkish universities in these networks. TUPA will carry out press, broadcasting and information activities, and also organize the student flow from these countries.

In order to find agencies with which Turkish universities may cooperate, "Study in Turkey" and/or individual universities will participate in "International Education Agent" workshops that are held in such cities as Berlin, Dubai, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and Beirut.

Agency Workshops in which "Study in Turkey" and Turkish Universities may take part:

Dubai- February 
Moscow- March 
Tokyo -March 
Beijing - October 
Berlin- November 

TUPA will organize promotional trips (FAMTRIP) on a regular basis to universities for overseas agents. By visiting our universities, international agencies will receive direct information about universities.