Summer School is an intensive program where a rich variety of courses on social and natural sciences, history, language, engineering and education in almost all subject areas can be found. All lectures are held in English in the universities where language of instruction is English. 

Students can decide which courses they would like to take during Summer School by reviewing the course list announced on the website of universities. They are recommended to pay attention to the class hours and days before the application process, not to create a conflict in their schedule. 

Usually there are several selected courses that could be of special interest to international students. Among many, such courses would be taken in summer schools:

     • Elementary Turkish for Foreigners
     • Ottoman Turkish
     • History of Modernity in Middle East
     • Economic and Social History of Modern Turkey
     • Issues in Turkish Foreign Policy
     • Cultural and Social Aspects of Ottoman Istanbul
     • Contemporary World Economy
     • Global Climate Change
     • Social Ecology
     • Anatolian Art and Cultures
     • The New Turkish Cinema 
     • History of the Modern Middle East
     • International Trade
     • Brand Management
     • Critical Thinking
     • Exploring the Cosmos
     • Politics and Society in the Middle East
     • Contemporary Issues in Turkey
     • History of Science
     • Anatolian Civilizations
     • Principles of Management
     • Airline Management
     • Tourism Safety and Security Managment

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