Degree Programmes in Turkey

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In these 206 universities you are able to find programmes in 1st,2nd and 3rd cycles. Here are the programmes.

Turkish universities offer degree programmes according to the European standard. This includes Vocational school’s, bachelor’s, master’s and PhD programmes.

Vocational School’s programs, also known as associate degree programmes, is one option for students interested in practical postsecondary education and job training. Vocational schools typically offer relatively short, career-focused programs that quickly prepare graduates for the workforce. 2.768.757 students are studying in associate degree programs in Turkey. (120 ECTS credits)

Bachelor’s programmes, also known as undergraduate programmes, is a four-year degree meaning it typically takes four years of full-time study to complete your bachelor’s degree after high school. 4.241.841students are studying in undergraduate programs in Turkey. (240 ECTS credits).

Master’s programmes, also known as graduate programmes, is the first level of graduate study. To apply for a master degree you usually must already hold an undergraduate degree (a bachelor’s degree A master’s degree typically requires 2 years (4 terms) as one year(2 terms) for courses and the other year for thesis term (other 2 terms). 454.673 students are studying in undergraduate programs in Turkey. (120 ECTS credits).

PhD programmes, also known as doctoral programmes, is the highest level of academic degree. Everyone is familiar with the medical doctor, who holds an M.D. (Medical Doctorate). But you can earn a doctorate in almost any subject area.Typically a doctorate degree takes four years to complete, post-bachelor's degree after master’s degree programme. 95.100 students are studying in undergraduate programs in Turkey. (240 ECTS credits)

Academic calendar

The Turkish academic year is divided into two semesters:

·         Autumn semester begins at the beginning of September and lasts until mid-January.

·         Spring semester runs from the beginning of the February to the beginning of June.