Educational Counselors

"International education counseling" agencies in Turkey, as in other countries, provide students with comprehensive guidance when choosing between different degree programs at various universities across the globe. Research has shown that 40% to 50% of students planning to study abroad seek the assistance of one of the roughly 5,000 such international education consulting agencies worldwide. By establishing relationships with these agencies, TUPA ensures the involvement and high profile of Turkish universities in these networks. TUPA achieves this goal by carrying out press, broadcasting and information activities and facilitating the flow of international students.
TUPA employs expert staff with years of experience in international agency relations. Through close ties and frequent visits to agencies worldwide, our dedicated staff organizes Counselor Disclosure Seminars for educational consultants at agencies, thus keeping them informed about developments in Turkey’s higher education sector, at specific universities and in our work. 

TUPA also routinely organizes promotional trips (FAMTRIP) for overseas counselors to visit Turkish universities. By visiting our member universities, international counselors are able to receive direct, first-hand knowledge and forge personal relationships. Likewise, our member universities can count on being routinely visited by international agents.

Any counselors seeking to set up representational relations with Turkish universities may feel free to contact us; we will gladly put you in touch with appropiate universities.