English Taught Programs

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Turkey has a number of English-medium public and private universities with many modern conveniences. Faculty members are well-respected and have often made a significant contribution to their fields. 

Language Requirements

Many universities are recommended as suitable host institutions for English speaking students with programs available in English, either at undergraduate level or postgraduate level. As the vast majority of classes are taught in English at most of the foundation universities and some of the state universities, students with an institutional language proficiency score are placed in the undergraduate or postgraduate programs. 

These universities ensure that students are linguistically prepared for the academic programs. Students when they are admitted to the English speaking programs at universities are usually required to take a Placement Test of the university to determine their English level if they can't submit any institutional language proficiency score. For students whose English proficiency does not meet the desired level of the university, there is an intensive and accelerated language preparation program of study before they begin their undergraduate studies. 

Language Preparation Program 

Students whose English is not sufficient to earn the required scores set by the university are placed in the language preparation program of study that matches their needs and range from Beginner to Advance levels. Each level has its own curriculum in which students can find opportunities to practice their English language skills in a variety of settings and modalities.  

The goal of the English Preparatory Program is to help students improve their level of English to be able to study their majors and be competent in their fields of study. Faculty members at language preparation schools generally hold at least a Master’s degree in English as a Second Language or a closely related field. Mostly, all have several years of English language teaching experience and they are professionals in their fields.

Tuition Fees

International students who do not participate in an exchange program have to pay tuition fees. Tuition fees can range from USD 1,000 to USD 20,000 depending on institutions where instruction is in English. The variation in fees depends on whether the student chooses to study in a State or Foundation university.

How to Contact

Please visit individual institution websites for detailed information about programs available in English. International students are strongly advised to contact the International Office of home university or the Admissions Office of the host university to determine the level of expectations from overseas study and applicable fees.

Useful Links

Here are some Turkish schools, colleges and universities that have English language teaching programs:

Oxford House College : www.oxfordhousecollege.com.tr
Taksim Dilmer : www.dilmer.com
English Time : www.englishtime.com
Sabanci University : www.sabanciuniv.edu
Koç University : www.ku.edu.tr
Fatih University : www.fatih.edu.tr
Bosphorus University : www.boun.edu.tr
Yeditepe University : www.yeditepe.edu.tr