12th Annual Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition (11- 13rd October 2018)

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Thanks For Your Valuable Contribution To 12th Annual Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition which is held in 11 – 13rd October 2018. The ‘Study in Turkey’ pavilion has been created within 90 m2 area as the guest of honor country under the roof of EEIK.

Azerbaijan is the first country for the international student applications of Turkey and protects this position by strengthening year by year. Either for the foundation and state universities, Azerbaijan is the greatest student source for Turkey. In addition, the event had great benefit for corporate cooperation and international recognition. The Baku Embassy encouraged Turkish universities to participate in the event. There were around 20,000 students participating to the fair.

This were the Turkish Universities attending for 12th Annual Azerbaijan International Education Exhibition;

Beykent University;

Doğuş University;

Hasan Kalyoncu University;

Istanbul Aydın University;

Istanbul Ayvansaray University;

Istanbul Gedik University;

Istanbul Kultur University;

Istanbul Medipol University;

Istanbul Ticaret University;

Manisa Celal Bayar University;

Uskudar University