Learn Turkish in Turkey

Learning to speak Turkish is not an easy task, because the Turkish language is quite different from studying Indo-European languages in a sense that verbs come at the end of sentences, there is no gender, and there are eight vowels. However, with commitment and patience it is absolutely achievable. 

There is no substitute for experiencing a language in its own environment to make the learning process faster and the language truly tangible.  Istanbul is the most preferred place to learn Turkish, despite courses available in Ankara, Izmir, Antalya and a few other towns around the country. Among them, Tömer and Taksim Dilmer are the most popular schools. The quality of your class based learning experience surely depends on the teacher and your classmates. 

If you choose private tuition, please don't miss checking out Turkish Daily News, the expat website www.mymerhaba.com and the Craiglist's website www.istanbul.tr www.craigslist.com.tr where tutors often advertise. 

Written by David and Asuman Çelen Pollard, "Teach Yourself Turkish" is by far the best book on teaching yourself Turkish.

There are also online resources that can help you to learn Turkish such as 

Oxford House College Istanbul: Oxford House College provides Turkish Language courses in Istanbul.  www.oxfordhousecollege.com.tr  İstiklal Cad. Fuat Uzunay Sok. No:2 Istanbul. Tel: 0 212 444 1 287

Among the schools that you can join include:

Tömer www.tomer.com.tr
Aydın Üniversitesi Tömer http://tomer.aydin.edu.tr/en/index.asp
Taksim Dilmer www.dilmer.com
ESL www.esl-languages.com
EF Language School ww.turkishlesson.com
Spoken Turkish ww.spokenenglishtr.com
Bahcesehir University Summer Term Turkish: http://learnturkish.bahcesehir.edu.tr
Turkish Language Center www.turkishlanguagecenter.com