Postgraduate Study

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Graduate-level programs are coordinated directly by the institutes themselves. A postgraduate qualification or master’s degree typically takes two years to complete, although this can vary depending on the institution. Doctoral degrees are also offered by universities and institutes of higher learning. One can either conduct independent research supported by the university or engage in research for the university while completing compulsory course work. Usually, doctoral programs last three to four years. Some programs take slightly longer or shorter to complete, depending on the level of course content. Producing original research is often a significant component of graduate studies, including the writing and defense of a thesis or dissertation. 

While most graduate programs will have a similar list of general admission requirements, the emphasis made on each requirement may vary drastically between graduate schools, departments within schools, and even programs within departments. Therefore, the best way to learn how your previous studies and admission material will be judged is to directly contact the administration of the program you are interested in.

At most institutions, admission to a postgraduate program is decided on by the individual department to which the student directly applies and not by the general institutional administration. Some departments may require a personal interview before deciding on whether an applicant will be accepted. 

Foreign students who wish to pursue their graduate/post-graduate studies in Turkey should apply directly to the universities.

A foreign national needs a student visa and a valid passport.

Postgraduate degrees can be studied in a variety of subject areas such as:  
          •  Business Administration

          •  Law
          •  International Relations
          •  International Political Economy
          •  Cultural Studies
          •  Engineering Management
          •  Industrial Engineering
          •  Information Technologies
          •  Computing
          •  Molecular Biology and Genetics