Renting and Private Housing

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Large cities sometimes also offer rented accommodation, often shared with other international or Turkish students. In the major cities off-campus apartment prices are quite high, but the prices also vary according to the district, size and quality. The solution for many students is to share an apartment with a friend or fellow student. Average cost of an apartment off campus ranges between USD200 and USD500 a month.

There are several apartments in almost all towns of Turkey, where you can stay if you wish of a homely atmosphere. You will definitely find one that is right for you and your companions. It can also be helpful if you have acquaintances that have previously lived or travelled in Turkey.

It is recommended to check out the units advertised in the web. You will then have an idea on the floor area and amenities this way. You can search apartments for rent on internet to generate possible places to stay. You may even look for agents that can look for affordable apartments in your behalf. Just be patient and everything will fall into place. Please make sure with the agent that you will sign the contract or rent the flat after you arrive in Turkey and check the flat in place.