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“When first thinking about studying abroad, I never even thought about Turkey. Though, once Turkey was brought to my attention, I realized how little I knew about this country and culture. Due to this, it made perfect sense to travel to Turkey in order to experience and learn first-hand what Turkey is all about. Originally, I came to Turkey for only a year, but the hospitality of the people, their rich culture, and of course the food convinced me to transfer my credits to Bilkent University and become a full-time student there. I transferred to Bilkent because it is considered an elite school in Turkey and internationally respected. Bilkent offers an excellent education with a mix of American and European pedagogical traditions. If you're looking for an awesome adventure for your study abroad experience, I highly recommend going to Turkey and studying at Bilkent University. You will make wonderful memories and lifelong friends.”

Matthew Guenther, USA 
Department of International Relations

“My experience with the students at Sabanci University was entirely positive: I met-without nearly any exception- open minded and welcoming people that were very willing to relate to me, so that the feeling of being a stranger disappeared quickly”

Stefan Cihan Aykut, Germany
Exchange student from Freie Universitaet Berlin

"I am very happy with my choice of doing my ERASMUS semester at Cukurova University (CU). Being student at CU in Adana, Turkey was a very good experience to me. The service and organisation offered to the ERASMUS students was very good: Fetching from the airport, providing rooms for rent, excursions for the students and the fact that there was always someone to ask for help in the international office. Turkey is different. And for me the best and most important experience was the ‘intercultural adventure’ that I had when living and studying in Turkey.  In general there is a big Turkish hospitality – a custom that is not standard in Germany like this. The Turkish hospitality made my stay very pleasant and easy. I need to tell that I decided to stay another semester at CU, what proofs that I really think it is worth to come to this place." 

Julia Thomas, Germany
Exchange student from Freie Universitaet Berlin 

“My experience studying abroad is something I’ll never forget. I found myself quickly falling in love with Istanbul just during my first few days there. Everything from the people to the beauty of the city won me over. It was an eye-opening four months that I’ll always remember. I was surprised by how comfortable I felt exploring on my own through the city and using my beginner’s Turkish skills! In my mind, the most important step in becoming closer and learning more about the country and culture was by making Turkish friends. It was an easy task as the mentors at Koc University were so welcoming, friendly, and helpful. They weren’t just there to show us the campus, but they truly became our friends. I got to have experiences such as having breakfast with a friend’s family, going to football games, and attending festivals. I now feel like Istanbul is my second home, and I can’t wait to go back. I know there is much more waiting for me.”

Ashlie O’Day, USA
Exchange student from University of Minnesot