Thanks For Your Valuable Contribution To Euroasia Agent Workshop

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As International Education Fairs of Turkey - IEFT  and the Association of Study Abroad Counselors – YEDAB, We were glad to welcome our agents and universities in Euroasia Agent Workshop which recently held in Istanbul on the 29-31th October 2018. We brought together 140 educators from 70 different institutions and 150 agent representatives from 35 countries encompassing the Middle East and Central Asia. 4th Euroasia Agent Workshop will be held on 4-6th of March 2018 in Istanbul-Turkey. The workshop will be welcoming around 200 exclusively selected agents from the Middle East, Central Asia, Western and Northern Africa and extending the diversity including Ukraine, Russia, Mongolia, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. These are the Turkish University which are attending the last EuroAsia Agents Workshop,

Beykent University

Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University

Bilkent University

Doğuş University

Istanbul Aydin University


International British College (IBC)

Istanbul Ayvansaray University 

Istanbul Gelisim University 

Kadir Has University 

Koç University 

Maltepe University 

Sahinkaya College/Natillus Summer Schools

Siirt University 

Toros University 

Yasar University 

Eastern Mediterranean University 

Middle East Technical University 

Northern Cyprus Campus

For the full list of attending school please use the link: