Undergraduate Study

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A bachelor's degree is awarded to students completing an eight-semester course of study. To be eligible for a bachelor's degree, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher upon completion of all the degree requirements. The diploma shows the department from which the student has graduated.

Here are some of the most popular areas of study:

         •  Business and Management
         •  Banking and Finance
         •  Engineering
         •  Information Technologies
         •  International Relations
         •  International Trade
         •  Tourism and Hospitality

Faculties strive to provide students with a balance between their professional education in a chosen field and a wide selection of courses in various other fields in order to broaden their perspectives and prepare them for their future lives and careers.

Students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies in Turkey must have completed their secondary education in a high school or similar institution in which the education is equivalent to that of a Turkish high school. These students can apply directly to universities. Applications from students abroad will be considered by the universities within their quotas for foreigner students.