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Faculty of Social Sciences

We are rated 4th in the UK for our research excellence in social sciences with our politics research confirmed as best in the UK . Our Faculty of Social Sciences is home to some of the most highly-rated.

 Department of Economics
 Department of Government
 Department of Sociology
 Department of Language &

Faculty of Science and Health

Students at our Faculty of Science and Health develop the skills to address global issues and benefit people, the environment and society. They are learning from scientists who are working on vital issues.

 Department of Mathematical
 Department of <br/> Life
 Department of Psychology
 Department of Health and Social
 Department of Computer Science

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Our Faculty of Humanities offers a unique, research-led student experience across a broad range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes.

 Department of History
 Department of Fashion
 Department of Film and Theatre
 Department of Interior Design
 Department of Fine Arts
 Department of <br/>Law

International Study

No matter where you are, you can earn an undergraduate degree from the Turitor University. With an online bachelor’s program ranked #12 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

Undergraduate Programs

Graduate Degree Programs


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Turkey is one of the best countries in the field of scientific research. Currently, you can join the fastest growing country in the field of scientific research now

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