Study in Turkey

Why Students Chose Turkey

Students from around the world choose to attend university in Turkey for a wide variety of reasons. Here are some perspectives from recent students.

Campuses without Walls

With many universities applying high valued technological advances, students have the opportunity to take advantage of the newest forms of higher education methodology such as flipped learning, hybrid learning and more.


Your Journey Starts Right Here

Turkey is a dynamic, diverse, and groundbreaking beginning for many international students. Experience Turkey’s vibrant diverse communities and culture while getting the full rundown on student application and immersive student assistance through our partners such as S’aide, Pearson PTE and more.

Get Connected

Apply with Study in Turkey and join our wide international community today. Start your education on the right foot with our education counselors, admission caseworkers and continual student assistance services. Feel secure, safe, one step ahead throughout your application phase and education. Apply today.

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