Some Countries Doesn't need visa to enter turkey but they have to pay for visa during residence permit application

​​​​​​​Do I need a residence permit?

In general, all students from countries outside of TURKEY need to have a residence permit to study in Turkey if they are planning on staying for more than three months. 

International students will need to check carefully whether they need a visa to enter Turkey. A Visa is a document necessary for entering the country and must be applied for prior to departure. It is a sticker in your passport issued by a Turkish Embassy or Consulate. 

The Difference between residence permit and Visa ?


Applying for a visa in your country

When you are accepted to Turkish Universities you will receive an acceptance letter with which you can apply for a Visa in your Country. Please keep in mind that visa application procedures take a long time and plan your application accordingly. After you receive your visa in your country plan your travel accordingly for your enrollment to Turkish Universities.

Short Term

There's Residence Permit Called Short Term you can use it for your family

Family Residence

The Family Residence Can give you and your family the Turkish Nationally


Applying for a residence permit in Turkey

All international students, regardless of their status, must register and obtain a Residence Permit (Ikamet Tezkeresi) from the Istanbul Provincial Immigration Administration Office within 10 days of entering Turkey. 
You can be required at any time to show your Residence Permit.
Enrolled students apply online at the Ministry Of Interior Directorate General Of Migration Management website. After you have applied, you will also need to collect required documents and make a tax payment. 
Applications for residence permits are processed by the Ministry Of Interior Directorate General Of Migration Management, NOT the University. The residence permit application is your responsibility.

We Offer Support For Residence Permit

You Can Contact us now and our team will support you for applying for your Residence Permit , but we are only supporting in Student Residence Permit.


First Time Application ?

All International Students who completed their registration process at Istanbul Aydin University must apply for student’s residence permit from within 10 days.

From the date of application within 30 days, documents must be completed and submitted to the International Student and Staff Affairs (ISSA-OFFICE). Those who have missing documents will be given 7 days to complete them. Those who do not complete the documents within the time period must submit their documents to the Provincial Directorate of Migration Management in Istanbul.



  • Copies of the:  Passport  ,Visa/ Entry Stamp 
  • Online Residence Permit Application Form3-) Four
  • (4) photos (biometric)
  • Original Valid Health Insurance Policy / Orijinal Geçerli Sağlık Sigorta Poliçesi
  • The payment receipt (Residence Permit Card fee) from Tax Office
  • Address declaration

There might be extra documents request by the Immigration Office.