So, you want to know why international students use agents?

When applying to any College you have a list of choices, you’re sometimes still confused as to where you want to go, what you want to study and how to even begin with applying. So, because we’re lucky, we have professional education agents for that, and they make the job so much easier.

As an International student, your paperwork becomes a little bit extra and stressful because you need to apply for your visa too. Luckily, Study in Turkey agents this so much easier. When you’re applying for all of this on your own, you tend to not realize what documents are missing, what you don’t even need, how many copies of certain documents you need – making your life much easier

Many students are provoked into choosing a department of their parent’s choice. While doing so, two years later many students find that they are unhappy and chose to change their program. With our professional education assistance, we can provide you a scientific approach to your unique talents, your specified preferences and your parents’ dreams all at a 360-view report via Talent Choice. We apply the most defined measures to assist you in your success.

Deciding on what you want to study and where to study based on your personal learning style can make university choices very difficult. Talent Choice’s personal report will guide you to your programs and with Study in Turkey your agent has access to the largest and fastest university selection program drive.

Most importantly, your agent can get your application through faster than you could, they can easily follow it up – because they’re cool and have contacts in the business, they’re agents that hunt down your application – and lastly, it is a way easier and less of a stress for you. Which also means, you have more time to have fun.


  • conduct an interview to understand your needs and goals alongside Talent Choice survey report

  • make suggestions and give you recommendations for the best institutions and programs to help you reach your goals with the largest database choices

  • assist you to gather all of the documents you will need for your application process

  • guide you step by step throughout the application process

  • advice and guide you through the visa process once you have been accepted by an institution

  • help you prepare for the move and your arrival to your study destination

  • Make arrangement for airport pick-up and accommodation (this depends on the agent)

  • May provide assistance in finding a job (specialized agents)

  • Advise students on how to fund their studies and how to save money, by informing them about scholarships, student discounts, travel savings and price comparisons.

  • Many education agents build strong relationships with the students they work with, and keep in contact with them throughout the student’s time in college or university, ensuring they are satisfied with their educational experience


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