Certificate Programs

Certificate programs are training programs, which are open to everybody, apart from the undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs of a university. These programs are administered and executed according to the academic rules approved by the University Senate.
Certificate programs mainly target at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills required by a rapidly changing economy.

Among the types of certificate programs include: 

     •  Professional Programs
     •  Vocational Training Programs
     •  Skills Development Programs
     •  Short-term Courses

Open to Everybody

Some universities organize certificate programs that would contribute to a qualified workforce and benefit a group of people of all ages and professions. Most of times schools require individuals to hold a high school diploma and/or university diploma. 
Apart from individuals who need an extra training to be competitive in the job market, some companies also invest in human resources by training their employees with certificate programs. In this way, without a need of any diploma or any long term commitment, they could benefit knowledge and skills required for any specific job. This kind of investment is of great importance in terms of competitive advantage of companies. Employees, who are equipped with the necessary trainings, are more united with their companies and more productive in their works.   


Erasmus Exchange

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Short Courses

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There is a variety of courses given in the certificate programs. You should intensively search for a course specifically designed for your need. Each school, university or institute organize different seminars or training courses on a number of topics. To give you an idea, here you may find some of the topics:

     •  Integrated Management Systems
     •  Quality Professionalism in Educational Organisations
     •  Speciality in Human Resources
     •  Specialty in Training Management in Business
     •  Specialty in Sales and Marketing


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