ERASMUS Exchange Programme

Did you know?

Turkey has participated in European Community programs since 2004 following their integrated
set of actions designed to promote cooperation between the EU member states and candidate
countries in various specific fields related to EU policies. Citizens, companies, non-
governmental organizations, students and instructors and the national administrations of
member states and candidate countries can all participate in the extensive range of Community

In 2014, a new program, Erasmus+, combined all the EU’s existing schemes for education,
training, youth, and sport.

Foreign students can apply for Erasmus. They can benefit from Erasmus funds. They can study in Europe.


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Erasmus aims and core activities

Erasmus was the EU’s flagship education and training program, enabling more than 180,000
students to study and work abroad each year, as well as supporting cooperation actions
between higher education institutions across Europe.
It catered not only to students, but also to professors and business staff who wanted to teach
abroad and university staff who wanted to be trained abroad.
Erasmus changed the lives of young people by positively impacting the path of their careers and
their personal lives.
The program also supported more than 46,000 students and staff from the EU to study or teach
in Turkey. Germany was the biggest student sender country, followed by Poland, the
Netherlands, and France. Germany was also the most popular destination for Turkish Erasmus
students, followed by Poland, Italy, and Spain.

Erasmus and Turkey

Participating in an Erasmus program in Turkey, will undoubtedly expose you to new ideas, help you learn about different cultures, discover many common values across cultures, improve your communication skills and establish an international network. Students become more culturally competent as a result of studying abroad; many learn to speak some Turkish and possess better communication skills as a result. Having managed to live and study in Turkey, students’ character grows and matures, and many seek further international experiences elsewhere. Istanbul is a particularly attractive destination, sparking the curiosity of many newcomers through its dynamic and cosmopolitan lifestyle and amazing cultural heritage. With Istanbul being the capitol of the world, all students will graduate with international core values that prepare you for a successful career in an ever increasingly interconnected world and global economy.

Turkish higher education

institutes are strongly committed to helping both inbound and outbound exchange students make the most out of the opportunities offered by this exceptionally beneficial program.

Information on whether your institution has an agreement with a Turkish university can be obtained by contacting your university’s International Office.