Student Daily Expenditures

Student discount is offered at the movie theater, theater, museum, public transport, and some restaurants. You need to ask if there is a student discount and you must have your student ID ready to show the cashier.

Student Accommodation

Your student monthly budget to reserve for accommodation will vary. State dormitories, university dormitories, private dormitories, and rental flats each have varying costs. There is a monthly payment for dormitories and therefore you do not need to pay in the summer when you are not staying in the dorm. However, you will have to pay the house rent monthly, 12 months of the year in accordance with your rental agreement.

Tuition Fee

Turkey offers high quality education with the option of low tuition fees. Tuition fees in Turkish universities vary according to the type of university (state or foundation), the level of the program (undergraduate or graduate), faculty (medicine, dentistry, engineering, law etc.) and the duration of education. The prices are affordable in comparison to universities of similar quality in Europe or America.

Insurance and Health Expenditures

Health insurance for international students may vary per year. Private insurers allow you to receive free health services in contracted hospitals within the limits specified in the policy. It is important that you also obtain an  English copy of your policy and  read the relevant articles carefully.

Currency rate of Turkish Lira

For foreigners coming from Europe or America, the currency rate of Turkish Lira is a great advantage for them. In the last year, house sales surged in Turkey due to the fall of currency rate, sales to foreign nationals climbed significantly over the past several years. Most  home buyers who want to live in Turkey are from Europe and the Middle East. The currency rate of TL also attracts business owners from the nearest countries as well as EU countries such as the UK, Netherlands, and Spain and the USA. Turkey also offers Turkish citizenship to foreigners by investment.