Why are international student recruitment education counselling agents so important?

Study in Turkey is a connection between international students, their home countries and their future university. They help incoming overseas students manage and navigate the application process. And they even provide attractive benefits to universities, such as:

  • Reducing the workload of admissions staff.

  • Increasing the university’s brand awareness in international markets.

  • Providing valuable “on-the-ground” intel to the university.

  • Bringing qualified students to campus.

Securing international students has its many benefits, such as developing global brand awareness, fostering higher education institutions as hubs for social inclusivity and, quite significantly, increasing revenue from international fees.

Study in Turkey offers the benefit of having local knowledge and therefore act as the bridge between cultures. Universities rely on Study in Turkey’s competence in different languages to help interview prospective students and organize local events. Evidently, they offer many localized benefits to higher education institutions.

Students are equally reliant on Study in Turkey’s counsellors, turning to them to help arrange their study abroad, either because they lack knowledge and understanding of overseas education systems or because they lack the time or confidence needed to complete the necessary formalities, especially visa application procedures.


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