Student Banking Services

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Banks in Turkey provide you with full foreign currency and TL services, including deposits and saving accounts, credit cards, debit cards and fast money transfer to any bank in the world.


Turkish Banking

 You will be able to process your banking transactions via internet or telephone banking option, both of which are designed to serve in English. Most Turkish banks have internet or telephone banking systems, so once you have established a local bank account, you should be able to manage it from home. Banks will exchange foreign currency but will charge a commission. Many foreign exchange bureau change foreign currencies more quickly and often for better rates than the banks. Keep it in mind that traveler cheques, bank checks or Euro-cheques are problematic to cash in Turkey. Most of the main banks have branches in all the Turkish towns, in almost every district. Some also have stand-alone cash-machines (ATMs) in useful locations. All the machines have multilingual instructions for use. To open a bank account in Turkey, you will usually be requested to provide the following documentation when you visit a branch: Original passport (the bank will make a photocopy of this) Permit of stay in Turkey (Turkish visitor permit, student permit, vis, etc..) Proof of signature form Proof of address *if you were initially & are currently employed in TR, your work permit along your tax ID number will be required. Accounts are approved on the same day, and access to your telephone banking and online banking are activated shortly afterwards. Turkish online banking protocols are highly sophisticated and safe. 

Some of the commercial banks in Turkey: 

Kuveyt Turk Bank : 

Garanti Bank : 

Akbank : 

DenizBank : 

Finansbank : 

Isbank : 

HSBC Bank : 

ING Bank : 

Ziraat Bank :