International Student Friendly University Survey

  • Name of the university

  • Type of the program

  • Name of the program

  • Year of the program

  • Total year of study in this university

  • Country of origin

  • Gender

  1. Teaching

Obviously, one of the most important factors that affect students directly is the teaching quality factor, which includes curriculum, teaching techniques and methodologies, ratio and variety of English taught courses as well as the English proficiency level of the faculty members.

  • How well do the professors/instructors teach at your university?

  • How effectively the courses/classes are taught?

  • Are there enough English taught courses in each semester?

  • Are the lecturers proficient in English enough?

  • Do you feel job-competent moving forward from this university?

  • How would you rate the following aspects of your educational experience:

    • Quality of the teaching faculty

    • English proficiency level of the teaching faculty

    • Course taught in English availability

    • Academic counseling in English

    • Accessibility level of teaching faculty

    • Fellow students’ English proficiency level

    • Value of education for the price

  1. Learning environment

Work environment is one of the most important factors that affect employee engagement. The same goes for students – they are more likely to thrive and reach their full potential if the learning environment meets their individual needs.

  • How helpful is your academic advisor?

  • How safe do you feel on campus?

  • How satisfied are you with the diversity and quality of the offered extracurricular activities?

  • Do university help you to find internship (if it is mandatory)?

  • How helpful are the campus staff with administrative and other issues?

  • How would you rate the following aspects of student life at the school:

    • Sport and recreational facilities

    • Clubs and student organizations

    • Student diversity

    • Extracurricular activities

    • Student safety

    • Social life

  1. University facilities

Adequate facilities are the very foundation of any successful educational institution. Just like a good basketball court can strengthen bonds between students, inadequate learning or other facilities can make them dissatisfied and prevent them from making the most of their education.

  • How well-maintained are the facilities?

  • How satisfied are you with the dormitory facilities? (if you are staying at the dorms)

  • How pleased are you with the quality of the food served at the school cafeterias?

  • Are all signs in the university also written in English?

  • How easy it is to get the resources you need from the school/university library?

  • How would you rate the following services/facilities at the school:

    • Campus

    • Classrooms and laboratories

    • Library

    • Public transportation

    • Student dormitories

    • Food services

    • Sports and fitness facilities

    • Career counseling and placement

  1. Student Satisfaction

Learning environment can refer to all those things that surround students within the school facilities. Among other things, it entails interpersonal communication, bullying, discrimination, and other aspects that can affect student satisfaction.

  • How satisfied are you with the university policies?

  • How satisfied are you with the overall experience studying here?

  • How likely are you to continue attending this school/university next school year?

  • How likely are you to recommend this university to others?


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