Turkish Citizen and Residents

  • Those assigned to ensure public order and security (including private security officers)   
  • Those who maintain or repair infrastructure systems for electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications, and other utilities.
  • Technical service employees, provided they document that they are out to provide service.   
  • Those with a mandatory health appointment   
  • Veterinarians   
  • Those with special needs, and their parents/guardian/accompanying persons.  
  • Those who go out to meet the compulsory needs to their pets, provided that it is limited to the front of their residence.   
  • Drivers and officers of urban public transportation vehicles, including taxis.
  • Intercity travel permits are required for Turkish citizens and residents aged 65 and over. 

 Please apply for an intercity travel permit by calling 199 or apply through the e-devlet system here: https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/. When calling 199 for an intercity travel permit, prepare to share the following relevant information: 

    • Name of person requesting the permit 

    • Mobile number (you will receive a text in Turkish that your travel permit has been issued) 

    • Kimlik number  

    • Travel dates 

    • Mode of transportation  (if via private vehicle, provide the vehicle license plate number) 

    • Reason for travel

  • Turkish citizen and resident children under the age of 20 are able to travel within the city and intercity during restricted hours without seeking any travel permit, provided that their parent/guardian is with them.  

  • Turkish citizen and resident children under the age of 20 may travel to and from caregivers during the restricted curfew hours.