Undergraduate Degree

Obtaining your undergraduate’s (also known as your bachelor’s) degree used to be a way for students to stand out from others in a highly competitive job market. Many international students chose Turkey as their stepping because of the increased access future job opportunities worldwide,

  • Specialized career preparation through such sources like Talent Choice  Talent Career,
  • Increased personal branding and marketing internationally, economic stability – Turkey
    is to become one of the top economic leaders by 2030,
  • International networking opportunities,
  • Positive turn on investing in a quality education by job satisfaction, personal growth and
    a pathway to advancement.
    A bachelor degree is awarded to students completing an eight-semester course of study. To
    be eligible for a bachelor’s degree, students must have a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher
    upon completion of all the degree requirements. The diploma shows the department from which
    the student has graduated.


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Here are some of the most popular areas of study:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Engineering Programs -Computer / Mechatronics / Industrial / Mechanical / Electronics
  • Business Programs – Business Administration / Economics & Finance / Marketing
  • Psychology
  • Health Sciences

Faculties strive to provide students with a balance between their professional education in a
chosen field and a wide selection of courses in various other fields in order to broaden their
perspectives and prepare them for their future lives and careers. Many universities provide their
future undergraduates with required courses through their Career and Life Centers. These
centers promote the students to take a step forward in their field.
Students who wish to undertake their undergraduate studies in Turkey must have completed
their secondary education in a high school or similar institution in which the education is
equivalent to that of a Turkish high school. These students can apply directly to universities.
Applications from students abroad will be considered by the universities within their quotas for
foreigner students. 

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program choices.