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Bahcesehir Cyprus University

About The University

Bahçeşehir Cyprus University (BAU Cyprus University) is one of the best BAU Global Universities, and it is located in Northern Cyprus. BAU Global established many universities in various countries to provide equal opportunities for students to enable them benefit from the academic means, the facilities on different campuses, and to develop their global perspective.


Through BAU Global Network, students can study for a semester, one year or two years on another campus, and even they can enroll in a dual degree. BAU Cyprus has the latest technologies in the classrooms, libraries, and laboratories that help students in their scientific or social researches.

Why Bahçeşehir Cyprus University?

• All undergraduate and postgraduate programs in BAU Cyprus are in English
• It follows the modern ways of education to encourage students to conduct research and discuss it with their professors to improve their mindset as well as communication, research and presentation skills
• There are many Libraries in BAU Cyprus that include books, scientific researches, and publications
• BAU Cyprus also has computer laps and Architecture studios
• Students in BAU Cyprus can benefit from diversity because they will have an opportunity to study with the students from all over the world
• It has many exchange programs with Harvard University, Stanford University, Yokogawa University, Berlin Technical University, and MIT
• BAU Cyprus supports all cultural, social, artistic, and sports activities, in addition to the educational activities and training opportunities.

Important information

• Study in Turkey is the only exclusive agent for Bahcesehir Cyprus University.
• Study in Turkey has a partnership with Bahcesehir Global Institution for more than five years.
• The student who registers through Study in Turkey gets over than 50% discount on the tuition fees for a bachelor’s degree.
• Completion of all university registration procedures is free until the student receives the final acceptance letter.
• The student will get free educational consultations from our specialists in the educational services department.
• Study in Turkey continues to support students during their studies and until they graduate from university.
• Helping students while they are obtaining University housing.

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