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Baskent University

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Baskent University established in Ankara, 1994. It became one of the most prominent High Educational institutions in Turkey. Therefore, it is one of the Top Turkish Universities, it includes 11 faculties, 7 institutes, 6 vocational schools and a language school. In addition to about 13 research centers.


Baskent University raises the students qualifications through high quality of education and training opportunities to help them in meeting the demands of the digital world. Additionally, to make them prepared and have the needed skills for any of the fields that match with their personal capabilities and desires, like Engineering, Education, Health sciences, social sciences and humanities, arts, design and commerce.


It aims to provide the international academic education that relies on the scientific approach in all fields, in order to add value that is in line with the modern civilization and technology.


• To Motivate students to have critical thinking with respect of human rights
• To Encourage students to become creative and innovative
• Contribution into promoting the social, economic and cultural levels for the society through education and scientific research.

Why Baskent University?

• It organizes the activities and conducts the research projects in its three modern campuses that includes over 10000 students and thousands of international students.
• English is the official language for the academic programs
• The University library considers as important educational and research indicator that support students with all needed resources.
• It is a member of Erasmus program that offers exchanging opportunities
• It includes a number of restaurants and cafeterias
• It certified by ISO (International Organization for standardization


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