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Cyprus Science University

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Cyprus Science University was established in 2013. Following the establishment, our university experienced rapid growth in a short term. By 2014 the university started to accept students, and in a very short time the university got recognition by TRNC, Turkey and overseas, and became a preferred higher education institution.

Our campus is located within the boundaries of Ozanköy on the road of Bellapais, which is known as the most exceptional neighborhood in Kyrenia the most beautiful city of TRNC.

The superior qualifications of the administrative and academic staff, the excellence of classrooms, developed laboratories and social venues, in addition the central location with everything around makes the university a preferred choice by prospective students.
Every effort has been made by Cyprus Science University which is located in the heart of the city center is being made to ensure that it has a distinguishing quality that makes a difference in terms of educational quality.

The vast majority of the academicians who work in CSU faculties and departments have made their academic studies at universities in Turkey and abroad, besides they were former academicians or researchers at Turkey’s best-known universities. On the other hand, great importance is attached to the practical training as well as the theoretical education at Cyprus Science University, and the laboratories established for each department needs are open to the benefit of our students 24/7.


Cyprus Science University; through academicians, students, and support networks, we are able to make creative contributions to cultural, economic, scientific and technological elements that represent the different countries and regions of the world and to think creatively, to think critically and solve problems, to respect individual differences in terms of personal and professional development, it has been tasked to become a leading, international and contemporary university with multi-lingual education, giving importance to research, keeping social values in the forefront, producing science, culture, art and value for all stakeholders.


Cyprus Science University aims to become one of the leading universities in the region over the next 10 years. To achieve this goal;

  • to be dynamic and adaptable in the ever-changing and developing world
  • to support high-quality learners and future generations’ scientists and professionals through their international scholarship programs
  • to contribute to their development
  • to facilitate the modern educational process by using a wide and comprehensive infrastructure and to contribute to international developments as a vision.

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