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Eastern Mediterranean University

About The University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) established in Northern Cyprus in 1979. It has a great reputation among the international Universities; it is one of the top 1500 Universities in all over the world. Therefore, it includes over 20000 students from 106 countries and 1,100 academicians from different 35 countries.


It applies the international standards in all programs, it also a member of international associations and EMU has awarded by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).


To become one of the leading Universities in Turkey that attracts students and faculty members from all over the world.


• EMU provides academic programs and research activities in line with the international standards
• It finds solutions for the regional and global challenges
• Graduate a generation who respect the diversity, tolerance, cooperation, multicultural and who can contribute to the improvement of science, arts and sports.

Why Eastern Mediterranean University?

• It has a high quality of education and well-designed programs
• The University includes 12 faculties, the top of them the medical majors that include the faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy, Health sciences in addition to the faculty of Engineering
• It’s infrastructure is developed and equipped with modern technology in all classrooms, meeting and conferences rooms, labs and laboratories
• The official language at the University is an English
• The University enables the students to spend a semester or two semesters in any of the Universities that cooperates with the European Union in 13 different countries like Italy, the United States of America, Canada, Austria, China and other countries
• It includes over 30 of the research centers and a number of museums, galleries and other rooms
• It has a health center that includes 13 of specialized doctors and a private ambulance
• It includes a huge library containing books, researches, audio and visual references and publications that aims to support the educational and research activities.

Student Activities

Besides the high quality of academic education, Eastern Mediterranean University provides many of the cultural and social activities; so the University includes over 50 student clubs, photography club, musical club, arts and other clubs.

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