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Fenerbache University

About The University

Fenerbahçe University in Ataşehir district, one of the most prestigious districts in Istanbul. The University campus is 10 minutes away from the main roads and near to the metro station, this will allow students to move from the university campus to other places easily. Fenerbahçe University is one of the top Turkish Universities that provide a high academic level of education.


The University includes 5 faculties as follows: Engineering & Architecture, Economics & Administrative Sciences, Health Sciences, Communications, and Sport Sciences.

Fenerbahçe University campus has a well-equipped healthcare center and modern fitness center. In addition to the media center that established with the aim of supporting students who study at the faculty of communications. All of these centers organize various events and research activities that rely on technology.

Why Fenerbahçe University?

• The University includes modern classrooms with all new techniques provided, each of these classrooms has an average number of students to make sure that they have a good chance to discuss any related topics with their teachers.
• It offers different learning opportunities like workshops and in the applied research laboratories.
• It also offers many scholarships to its students in other European Universities, and in the United States of America, Asia.
• It has solid agreements with different institutions & companies in the business sector.
• It designs an outstanding academic syllabus for all programs.
• One of the University goals is to train its students, and that can support them to find good job opportunities after their graduation.
• It focuses on conducting researches, besides the projects’ studies that aim to train students on using all new technologies.
• It includes many entrepreneurship clubs and workshops.
• It organizes conferences, events, courses, and national & international workshops.
• It includes various student clubs that can help students improve their personal skills and develop their mentality.

Career Center

The University’s career center guide students to determine which career path they shall take in line with their abilities and desires. Not only that but also the center helps students to achieve their professional goals, by the following ways:

• Career Counseling services
• Internship opportunities in different sectors that have mutual agreements with the University
• It organizes awareness career day

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