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Istanbul Aydin University

About The University

Istanbul Aydin University is located in the center of Istanbul and it established by Anatolia Education and Culture Foundation. The University contributes to international development in different areas including cultural, social and economic. Therefore, it supports the students during their degree and even after graduation by creating a career plan with the career center in the University.



Istanbul Aydin University aims to become one of the best 500 higher educational institutions in the world that enables students to benefit from its academic programs while respecting their diversity as well as cultural backgrounds.


To prepare students with all the needed qualifications for professional life after graduation and improve their skills through researches, activities, and training.

Why Istanbul Aydin University?

• It is one of the leading international Universities in Turkey; it has around 2500 students from over 101 countries. So, the students can benefit from the diversity and welcome students through the Erasmus exchange programs
• Istanbul Aydin University provides many internships during their studies in the institutions that have partnerships with the University. Because it cooperates with 450 global Universities
• The University has well-equipped laboratories, studios, classrooms with smart boards and a huge library with all resources (printed & electronic)
• Istanbul Aydin supports students with both lifelong learning and career development. Therefore, it includes a Lifelong Learning Education Center that assists students through various workshops and courses to improve their practical learning even after graduation. In addition, it has a Career Development Center, that provides a career plan strategy, raising student’s knowledge and improving their skills to higher their job opportunities.

Please note that:

• Istanbul Aydin University usually requires a 100$ non-refundable application fee from students who apply through e-registration for any major except two majors (medicine & Dentistry) that requires 250$. Students who register through OK TAMAM, they shouldn’t pay any fees but only the medicine or dentistry fees if they want to study medical specializations. Because they are mandatory registration fees.
• The cost for the Orthodontics program is 11 thousand dollars and the student must be eligible for the application requirements with submitting Tomer certificate, which proves the fifth level in the Turkish Language.
• The students who pursue a bachelor’s degree to study medicine or Dentistry must pass the “Yos exam” because of the studying in any of these two majors will be 100% in the Turkish language.
• The tuition fees are paid by undergraduate students in four installments during the academic year.
• Postgraduate students, for the master’s degree, must pay the tuition fees in two installments during the academic year and the Ph.D. tuition fees should be paid in four installments throughout the academic year.
• The vocational school’s tuition fees should be paid in two installments throughout the academic year.

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