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Istanbul Nisantasi University

About The University

Nisantasi University was established by the Nisantasi Education and Culture Foundation; after the establishment decision in 2009. Nisantasi University is located in the European side of Istanbul, and it’s one of the top Turkish Universities. Because of its high level of education, as it provides many opportunities to help students discovering themselves, recognize their interests, determine their goals and face all the challenges that may find while they have achieving their goals.

Faculties of Nisantasi University

It includes 3 main faculties as follow: Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, Faculty of Arts and Design. It also includes one higher institute of social sciences; one vocational school that provides many majors and 3 higher schools.


Nisantasi University adopts an approach that enables it to integrate with technology and support the students during their innovative researches. Therefore, the University concentrates on the digital products and business models that depends on digital technology to meet the needs of the modern world.


Evaluate projects based educational models and innovative business models that follows the latest techniques to train a generation who will become the future professionals.

Why Nisantasi University?

• The University has one of the largest campuses.
• It also has many campuses in Istanbul, the new one in Maslak, Sadabad Campus and Osmanbey Campus. All faculties, institutes and vocational schools are distributed between those campuses. It is worth mentioning that all majors which were provided in the building of Sadabad campus have been transferred to the new campus in Maslak.
• Nisantasi University has a great position in the European side of Maslak district, the University provides buses for students to arrive students From Istanbul Tech University metro station to Nisantasi University within 12 minutes. And that enables students moving easily from any place to the University by metro
• The University is recognized by the European Union, and this considers as one of the reasons that helps Nisantasi attracts many students
• The Erasmus+ office at Nisantasi University has many agreements with various universities in all over the world such as: Germany, Italy, Greece, France, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium and other European countries
• The University includes over 35 of student clubs that provides many of student activities, culture, sports, arts and other.

Student Activities

Nisantasi University keens on providing various student activities for the students to develop their skills and their personalities; some of the student clubs in the University:
• Sports Club
• Research and development Club
• Architecture Club
• Press Club
• Entrepreneurs Club
• International Students Club
• Economics Club

Please Note that:

Regarding to the tuition fees for bachelor degree students and the University installments, the student who has the initial admission and pursuing to complete the final registration process must transfer the first installment specified in the admission letter of 1000$ from the total tuition fees, and Upon the arrival of the student at the university departure to complete the registration process, he should pay the rest of the tuition fees in one installment to complete his final registration.

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