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Istinye University

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Istinye University is one of the top universities in Turkey. It established in 2015 by Anadolu Foundation, and located on the European side of Istanbul. The University has a great interest in medical majors, therefore it possesses many of the specialized hospitals and those hospitals are well-known as the best hospitals in Turkey.

The University provides training opportunities for the students, especially to train medical students in the greatest hospitals in Turkey. Therefore, the University cooperates with the most popular trademarks as follow:
Liv Hospital – Medical Park – VM Medical Park


Istinye University aims to exchange its academic knowledge and benefit from Scientists experiences and experiments in Turkey and all over the world. To create a better life for the next generations.


• The University conducts research, organizes educational activities and social services according to the international standards, the University provides students with the latest technologies.
• The University gives students freedom of expression and strength their personal skills by participating in group projects and social work.
• The University working on graduating qualified, productive and creative generation who can contribute in the society development.

Why Istinye University?

The University also aims to continue conducting the scientific researches and to play an important role in the scientific development. Istinye University also offers many cultural exchange opportunities through Erasmus Program in European countries like Germany and Italy. In addition, the University has strong relationships with the US Universities and other Universities around the world.

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