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OSTIM Technical University

About The University

OSTIM Technical University is located in the capital of Turkey “Ankara”, which is a center of the business world and the public sector. The University is surrounded by thousands of multinational companies that most of them have mutual agreements with OSTIM Technical University, the University creates a good environment for all students with internship opportunities during their years of study.


OSTIM Technical University includes 3 main faculties, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Architecture & Design, and Faculty of economic & administrative sciences. It also includes several vocational schools as: Mechanics, Digital Media, Marketing and Information Security. In addition to research and training centers. In accordance with the University’s mission that supports business ideas, it includes a center that has all facilities needed for small-enterprise projects.

The Pioneering Industrial University in Turkey

OSTIM Technical University is the first industrial University in Turkey, as OSTIM is one of the leading industrial areas, it is considered as an international commercial center that includes over 6200 companies with around 60.000 employees in 17 sectors and 139 business lines. And that’s why the University has many partnerships with those companies and institutions to prepare students for life after graduation.

The University adopts an educational approach that relies on experiments and application, which create a harmony between theoretical and practical learning. Additionally, OSTIM Technical University provides all techniques and scientific research methodologies in the modern industrial zone, besides the well-equipped laboratories in the University.

Why OSTIM Technical University?

  • It is one of the third generation Universities that combine between academic efficiency, scientific research and internship opportunities.
  • English is the official educational language.
  • It has glorious interior designs and they are shown in the campus, modern classrooms and laboratories.
  • It is seeking to provide an educational, research and applied infrastructure in line with the international standards.
  • It prepares the students with knowledge, principles and all the necessary skills for the business world.
  • It prioritizes the practical learning and training opportunities as to the students.
  • It supports the development by promoting the research projects as the main philosophy for research and publications in the University.
  • It also helps students to gain experience in the field of project management by participating in the real national projects.

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