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Ozyegin University

About The University

Özyeğin University was officially established on May 18, 2007, with the aim of contributing to the social development in Turkey and worldwide by using the innovative educational means. The University follows the modern educational approaches that can meet the labor market needs in different fields. Therefore, Özyeğin University is one of the top Turkish Universities.

Özyeğin University campus is the first campus in Turkey that certified by LEED (Certificate of Energy Entrepreneurship & Environmental Design). The campus is situated on 280,000 square meters, that was designed by a leading company, this architecture company also designed Cambridge University buildings.

Özyeğin University campus includes all educational, sports and entertainment facilities that are necessary for promoting the academic development, so it includes:

• Classrooms equipped with the latest equipment
• Laboratories
• Sports Center situated on 15000 square meters
• Huge Library situated on over 2600 square meters

Scientific Research

As the Özyeğin University is one of the greatest research Universities in Turkey, it improves the projects that aim to serve the society, and it conducts research studies in the labs as well as developed laboratories, then it publishes the articles in international magazines.


Özyeğin University aims to reach the highest levels nationally and internationally, therefore, it aims to become one of the top ten Universities in Turkey and one of 200 top Universities in all over the world. In order to reach this goal, the University updates its academic and training programs annually to improve students’ skills and their mentality.


Özyeğin University’s mission is to share its knowledge through the educational programs and activities to enrich students’ life. Sharing knowledge is one of the most important elements that can encourage entrepreneurs, start-ups and existing companies to serve the society and increase the economic growth.

International Cooperation & Partnerships

The University organizes conferences to enable students meet representatives of the international companies and get internship opportunities as well as job offers after their graduation in these companies. Some of those partner institutions are:
• I get Company for Aviation Professional Training
• Le Cordon Bleu Company for French Culinary Arts
• Swiss Hotels

Important Note

For the students who want to register for professional aviation training, please note that there are extra fees for the training in addition to the annual tuition fees. Therefore, the total training fees are 54 thousand dollars; however, the students can pay the installments starting from the second year.

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