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Uskudar University

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Uskudar University established in 2011 by NP Group that enhances mental health for the people through establishing medical centers with a focus on psychiatry and psychology, as well as laboratories. Consequently, Uskudar University has a large laboratory area, including Brain Mapping (QEEC), Genetics (DNA Isolation), Neurobiofeedback, Neuropsychology and other laboratories that are all open to the students.

Uskudar University follows modern teaching methods along with research methodology, so it meets the international standards. The University has three campuses; the main campus is located in Altunizade, which is away 5 min walk from Altunizade station.


• To become one of the leading global Universities that can improve the mentality of the people, and enhance society economically and culturally.
• Continuous improvement of the academic programs, Uskudar University also applies practical learning and research approaches by following the European and international standards.
• Uskudar University pursuing to become one of the top 500 Universities in the world by 2023.


• To provide modern educational & research facilities including the latest techniques in the classrooms, laboratories, libraries and in the medical centers.
• To find solutions for the current scientific challenges through various scientific activities.

Why Uskudar University?

• Uskudar University follows the latest technologies, especially for the medical and scientific majors.
• Uskudar University is a member of the Erasmus Program and has partnerships with different Universities from all over the world, so it provides many of the exchange programs to the students.
• The University has 4 libraries, 32 research centers, 50 laboratories, and 81 student clubs.

Please Note That:

The Tuition fees below are the post-deduction fees in case you paid it all once. On the other side, if you pay the fees by installments, tuition fees will be 3,400$ per year.

Learning the Turkish language for one year, in case you want to pay the full year’s tuition fees by installment, the tuition fees will be 1200$ for a year.

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