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Yeditepe University

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Yeditepe University is one of the top Turkish Universities. The University established in 1996 by the Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (ISTEK). The University offers contemporary sciences and education according to the Ataturk, development and the community service principles.


It aims to educate students with technical skills that needed in the modern world and encourage them to become aware of technical developments and global culture. Yeditepe University offers education in line with the technology, through academic and training programs. The University includes about 77 undergraduate programs, 82 master programs and 43 Ph.D. programs. Additionally, English is the official language for Yeditepe University programs.


Graduating creative students who have self-confidence to become leading businesses and entrepreneurs who contribute to the society development, through high quality of education in all scientific fields and carrying out scientific research with the participation of students and international academic professors.


• To become a global university that relies on scientific approaches
• To conduct research with the aim of developing the society
• Developing educational programs that comply with local and international quality standards

Yeditepe University in Numbers

• The university has 367 classrooms, 27 amphitheaters, 175 laboratories, 46 workshops
• Parks covering an area over 79 thousand square meters,
• 4 restaurants, 7 cafeterias
• It includes a cinema with 100 seats and a theater with 100 seats
• 250 square meter TV Education Studio and Units,
• The university has 2 basketball courts, and a number of semi-Olympic indoor and outdoor swimming pools
• A Fitness center and Squash center situated on 708 square meter ,
• The university has a service center situated on 783 square meter, which includes a bank and a shopping center

Why Yeditepe university?

• The university is popular with its Health majors such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. And it is worth mentioning that there is a specialized dental hospital in the university, where the students can have their practical training
• The university seeks to train students and provide them with all the needed skills to succeed in the modern business world
• It has a modern campus that situated on 125,000 square meters, to meet the needs of all students
• It is an environmentally friendly university, as it uses solar energy through solar panels on the campus roofs. The university also started working on investing wind energy to benefit from it
• It uses various modern technology for teaching and practical learning
• Besides effective academic programs, the university also allows students to develop themselves through 44 student clubs
• It has over 700 cooperation agreements with the world’s leading universities, especially in Europe, America, Canada, Russia and the Far East

Scientific research centers

Yeditepe University continues to conduct scientific research in its research and application centers, which include:

• The Center for Applied Researches and Information Systems: It develops scientific projects, through conducting theoretical and applied scientific research and studies in the field of information technology that includes: information systems, software development and application, communication systems and data transfer
• Medical Research Center: It focuses on teaching and scientific research activities related to oral and dental health and patient services
• The Center of drug Researches and Applications: It is concerned with conducting biomedical researches in cooperation with universities and governmental and non-governmental organizations by coordination with the College of Pharmacy in the university
• Ophthalmology Research Center: Established to provide the latest methods of diagnosing and treating eye diseases, conducting the latest scientific researches and training distinguished ophthalmologists
• Entrepreneurship workshop: The workshop provides consulting and training services to students
• Training, Research and Health Services Center: aims to conduct scientific researches in order to provide the most advanced methods of diagnosis and treatment, especially public health
• Strategic Applications and Research Center: The center aims to analyze Turkish international relations, forecast the future of these relations, and produce strategic, political, military, social, economic, technological, and cultural alternatives.

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