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Who is S’aide?

S’aide is the trusted student aide solutions partner of Study in Turkey. We provide variety of unique services to students and universities through our unique student targeted – S’aide application.

Easy to download, register and start to use S’aide App, each student now has the ability to obtain student services all in one app.

S’aide maintains the flow of fast, easy, low cost and secure university deposit, registration, tuition and dormitory transfer payments. Due to the direct partnership of university management departments, S’aide is the fastest, safest, and lowest cost to Full Acceptance for verified international money transfers and payments.

In addition, we are on full support at many international fairs so that each student has a clear picture of the student process and most of all the opportunity to acquire professional services from S’aide. We walk each student through each necessary process and keep our communication open for each parent.

Smart Solution The only student aide smart solutions application in Turkey

Thanks to their smart solutions, every international student has instant access to receive international money transfers through S’aide Wallet and withdraw their money at any ATM. This is a reassurance to each parent that their son or daughter has the full student finance management for educational and personal usages all in one simple app.


S’aide is the only student aide smart solutions application in Turkey in which top tier agencies are loyal partners. With over 20,000 discounted merchants, retailors, restaurants, hotels, and more! They know what students vitally need to start with a smooth step – everything from Health Insurance discounts to flight tickets.

Our professional international education agency partners support and guide each international student and is a proud associate of S’aide. They work hand in hand with all our student case officers, student accounts, university international offices, university accounting office, university student affairs, and most of all direct contact with each student applicant. This assures that each student applicant is receiving the best student services by their agencies and process satisfaction through S’aide.

Study in Turkey encourages all students to visit S’aide Webpage for further information. Their website provides full information on how to and more!

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